Ajmal is not just about Crafting Memories through our internationally-acclaimed perfumes; we are also gifted, enriched and bejeweled with a number of socio-welfare initiatives under our Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR). Caring for society is one of Ajmal Perfumes’ core values. We salute the vision and dreams of our Founder Father, Late Haji Ajmal Ali and his wife, Late Maryamunnesa Ajmal.


Ajmal is a Brand with a ‘Purpose’ – every year, 10% of the Ajmal Group’s net profits are used for philanthropic activities. These funds go to the deserving and underprivileged in the form of free treatment in hospitals and free education in schools, colleges and orphanages; including vocational training of the youth. Thereby, we cherish the memories of beautiful smiles symbolizing happiness, as enriching lives through modern education and Crafting Memories of Happiness go hand in hand.


The Haji Abdul Memorial Hospital and Research Center – a sophisticated hospital with 350 beds in Hojai, Assam, which was inaugurated in 1995 by Late Saint Mother Teresa. Till date over 2.8 million people have been benefitted from its international-standard services. 

The Haji Abdul Memorial Charitable Dispensary – which offers free medical treatment, including medicines to more than 300 needy patients daily. 


  • The Markazul Ma’arif runs a group of schools under the name of Markaz Academy. 
  • The Markazul Ma’arif Education and Research Center provides basic education to the needy.
  • Under our Motto of ‘Ajmal for Education, Education for All’ we have established 26 Colleges (Arts, Commerce, Science, Law, B.Ed., etc), 45 Schools and 34 Skill Development Centers. 
  • Ajmal’s Skill Development Centers with their vocational training have so far trained and placed over 25,000 youth in different companies in India and abroad. 
  • Ajmal Foundation established its first College for Women – Maryam Ajmal Women’s College of Science & Technology, Hojai, Assam in 2006. At present, 5 more Women’s Colleges have been set up across Assam to make the backbone of our society – our women – even stronger. 
  • Under the Ajmal Super 40 Program, Ajmal Foundation adopts 40 boys and girls from the underprivileged section of the society and sponsors them for free coaching for Medical and Engineering admissions every year. 
  • Ajmal Foundation sponsors highly meritorious students – irrespective of caste, creed, gender and religion – for the most competitive examinations like IAS, IRS & IPS, etc. 

Social Support

  • Ajmal’s Markazul Ma’arif and Ajmal Foundation manage 7 orphanages in North East India that houses over 1,200 orphans, destitute children and also sponsor 1,800 orphan children who stay with their mothers. Our Trusts provide them with food, shelter, clothing and education – free of cost. 
  • Ajmal Foundation has provided thousands of widows, divorcees and those women deserted by their husbands, financial assistance and livelihood opportunities.
  • Ajmal CSR Organizations mobilize manpower and material resources every time floods or natural disasters occur – more than 15 Million people have benefitted thus far. 
  • Ajmal’s CSR Organizations have installed thousands of Tube Wells and Ring Wells in different states of India – more than 50,000 people have benefitted as a result. 

Environment & Sustainability

Ajmal’s Tree Plantation drives have witnessed more than 10 Million Agarwood Trees planted across India till date, since 1979.