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For decades now, Ajmal has unfailingly pushed the boundaries in the field of making perfumes to create exquisitely unique fragrances and Dahn Al Oudh oils that are guaranteed to captivate the senses. Relying on primary raw materials and the skills and talents of our experts, we have been constantly expanding our collection, adding new fragrances and perfumes to our product line to accommodate every customer preference. We understand that each individual is different, and there is an innate desire in each person to stand out from the crowd. Knowing this, we offer an extensive array of the very best oud fragrances, including scents particularly concocted to accentuate and amplify the uniqueness of each individual. Within our range of products, we are confident that each person will find a unique scent that will best represent their own individual characteristics. In line with our desire to provide every individual with high-class perfumes, we are proud to present the best oud fragrances in our product line today. Oud is a type of heartwood that is capable of creating a distinctively fragrant aroma, which makes it an ideal and valuable ingredient for making oud perfumes. The process begins when an infection affects the Agar tree, which is the only tree capable of producing Oudh as part of its retaliatory process against the infection. The longer the process continues, the more Oudh can be found within the tree, which would take the form of a dark but fragrant resin. The formation inside the tree spans over 25 years. In addition, this scent is particularly coveted due to the fact that agarwood is relatively rare. There are trees that have grown for more than 50 years without any Oudh deposits inside. Due to the rarity of the raw material, oud fragrances are given a very expensive price tag. More to the fact, modern perfumery practices have yet to artificially replicate the scent created by Agar wood, further compounding the value of the material and the product. As such, it is only natural to associate oud fragrance with affluence, wealth, and status. If you want a scent that you can always feel confident with, browse through our website and choose the best oud fragrance that you feel would fit your preferences. You can also contact us today, and we can guide you throughout the choosing process, helping you find the perfume that would best suit you. Never settle for second best. For an occasion worth remembering, choose a luxury perfume from our immense collection, which houses only the best.