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Crafted for the young and vibrant Diva, Prose is a delectable, vivacious, and spirited fragrance that emanates a feminine, warm, and playful aroma. A contemporary fragrance featuring a perfect balance between fresh, younger notes, and a more mature, and earthly aroma, Prose combines hints of bright and fresh Citrus fruits such as Orange, Melon, and Apple, with a Fruity trifecta of Strawberry, Coconut, and Sugar, all a brief prelude to an invigorating base composed of a rich laden of Amber, Vanilla, and Musk. 

Fragrance Description

  • Top: Citrus Fruity

  • Heart: Fruity Gourmand

  • Base: Ambery Musky

  • Capacity: 60 ml e

  • Type: Eau de Parfum