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Dahn Al Oudh Limited Edition 2013

A mixture perfected and matured for over 10 years, the heart of this limited edition Dahn Al Oudh reflects the premium quality of Indian Oudh oil blended with the best quality of Cambodi Oudh.  With a legacy of over 60 years of creating the finest Dahn Al Oudhs, this premium rich concentrated perfume oil is derived from Ajmal’s assurance of purity and authenticity and is certainly the crown jewel of the brand. Encompassed in an elite-cut crystal bottle, this sophisticated fragrance embraces a 24-carat real gold cap. A truly unique offering limited to only 2013 pieces, this regal fragrance is created specifically to match the indigenous tastes of the fine Dahn Al Oudh Connoisseurs.

Fragrance Description

  • Dahn Al Oudh

  • Capacity: 6 ml e

  • Type: Concentrated Perfume Oil