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Ajmal Perfume, a journey that started in 1951 was well entrenched and had established itself in the Middle East by the end of the 20th Century. The company started looking outside the shores of the Middle East in the early years of 21st century. Exports division was established and become fully functional in 2007. In seven years of it’s inception as a division, brands offered through the division are available in more than 30 countries, primarily due to the acceptance of it’s products by distributors and most importantly by the end consumers. Acceptability of products has been both amazing and surprising.

Export division worked tirelessly and evolved both strategically and in its product offerings to address the global audience. Presently its products are available and highly successful in major federal retail chain stores and individual perfumery stores across the globe and giving tough competition to already established brands. Brand ranking is going up gradually year upon year and is determined to be a global brand in a short time. 


Established in 2001, Eternal by Ajmal is the luxury marque of Ajmal Group of Companies. Steeped in a luxurious fusion of old-world Arab charm and modern chic, it presents alluring fragrances originating from the Gulf of Arabia.  

Positioned firmly within the premium segment of the perfumery world, Eternal by Ajmal specializes in French and Arabic blends bottled in exquisite hand crafted crystal bottles. These references are available, depending on your choice, as Eau de Parfum or Pure Concentrated Perfume. 

Blended to perfection, using only quality ingredients and maintaining exclusivity through limited numbers and exclusive packaging, Eternal by Ajmal tantalizes with its rich aromas reflecting a symphony orchestrated to reveal tradition, timeless enchantment and an enigmatic allure.
Distinct, one-of-a-kind and premium, from design to offering, Eternal by Ajmal is a reflection of purity and rarity designed for connoisseurs of premium fragrances.


Ajmal Exports Collection

Spreading the essence of Ajmal Perfumes across the world, our export division brings the finest of Ajmal Collections to the international market. Presented as Signature, Prestige and Classic Collections to suit every taste and personality, the collections offer an exquisite introduction to the mesmerizing quality of Ajmal Perfumes.


A unique offering from Ajmal, the signature collections combine the highest quality raw materials created for fragrance connoisseurs. It’s elegant packaging reflects the fusion of nature, passion and artistry contained in each bottle. 



Be it basking in the limelight, striking a pose or exuding a glamorous vibe, with the Prestige Collection from Ajmal, you do it with a lot more panache. This contemporary range is designed for men and women whose vivacious energy enthralls us all. The Prestige collection is a refreshing and vibrant choice and is preferred by those who love to let their dynamic presence linger ever after.



Individuals with a refined presence expect to be matched with a fragrance that alludes to their unique charm. The Classic Collection from Ajmal hits the right note, by offering an array of perfumes that are as classy as the personalities who will wear them. From the adventurous man with charming ways to the elegant lady with a polished persona, the Classic Collection offers a sleek choice for those with a timeless taste