We have an open and entrepreneurial environment, with passion for performance, desire for achievement and commitment to accomplish our task. Our core values of high integrity with a Never-Say-Die approach are ingrained and visible in all our people, practices and processes.

Employee Profile

We build and maintain a global workforce mirroring with our customer base - employing a diverse group of people from different backgrounds, with a vast range of skills and experience, yet all connected by a common sense of culture.

Work Policy

Ajmal recognizes the variety in human capital investment and ensures that its infrastructure and policies support this. Our policies revolve around developing our people, involving them in the growth of the organization and realizing tangible benefits. We strive to attract and retain the best people and provide an environment where they can all develop professionally and build a rewarding career. As a result, we create an inclusive environment that’s rich in diversity, acknowledges each individual's uniqueness and promotes respect, personal achievement and stewardship.

Learning & Development at Ajmal

It is our belief that the illiterate of the future will be the people who do not relearn, re-educate and upgrade their skill sets. We prepare for this future by empowering our staff with the knowledge and capabilities that will make them successful practitioners of their particular functions. The trainings are identified based on the individual, organization and customer needs, with employees going in for Technical, Soft-Skills Training, Management Development Programs, Technology Leadership Programs and Leadership Development Programs